That one missing LEGO – opening an NRL in your iOS email with LINK

Have you ever noticed that sometimes something very small can get in the way of completing something big and meaningful?

LEGO red 2 x 2

Like when you open a new Lego set and later discover that there are 1119 / 1120 pieces there, and of course the missing piece is the little tiny one that goes right in the middle, so you already spent two hours building half of the Star Wars set – but now you need to stop everything and drive 30 minutes each way to the Lego store to get that one tiny 2×2 block.

That’s what it must feel like when your delicious freshly made lunch arrives at the table, and you receive a critical must-review email with an iManage® Work NRL attachment on your phone. Suddenly, instead of enjoying the still-steaming soup you are moving it aside so you can fit your laptop and your hot spot, waiting for the PC to start up, opening up the remote access app, logging into your work computer, waiting for Outlook to start and then finally bringing up the document to review – just to make sure that one word was properly changed on the second page! By the time you accept the change and reply to confirm it’s a go, your soup is cold and lunch is ruined.

LINK iOS Email with Red LINK Tile NRLWhat if you could just open that NRL attachment, see the redlines, and send the document along on your phone with one hand, while enjoying that hot soup with your other hand? That’s the scenario we had in mind when we added this ability to LINK – our secure mobile app for lawyers. We also thought you may want to file your reply to Work as you send it, and we thought you may want to compare the new version of the doc to a prior version in Work.

Mobile Helix is an official technology partner of iManage, and we’re here to make sure your soup stays hot, your lunch isn’t ruined, and you can get things done from your mobile phone or tablet. Take a look at our 2 minute video and see how we can help you be productive on your mobile devices.


Register for our July 18th ILTA Webinar to see a live demo of opening an NRL.

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