ILTA 2016 Roadshow – Mobile Apps

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We’re headed to Philadelphia and Cleveland with an ILTA lunchtime session on:

Mobile Apps – The Balance Between User Experience and Security

Meet with other Legal IT professionals in your city and learn more about mobile apps for legal teams.

Our next cities:

Philadelphia, Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, hosted by Morgan Lewis. Details and register for Philadelphia here. 

Cleveland, Thursday, Feb. 4th, hosted by Reminger. Details and register for Cleveland here. 

Upcoming Cities:

Chicago, Wednesday, March 30th

Boston, Thursday, March 31st

Topic: Mobile Apps – The Balance Between User Experience and Security

Can you get to your firm’s internal resources such as SharePoint, DMS and applications from your mobile device?

We will review the most popular means of getting mobile access to internal resources and talk about our customers’ experiences with what works and what doesn’t. Topics will include:

  • Secure container, VDI, VPN, browser access to SaaS applications
  • Multi-factor authentication; single sign-on
  • Best practices and policies – one size may not fit all
  • Demo of secure container mobile app

See you in February!


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