ILTA Webinar, Dec. 10th: Data Loss Prevention on Mobile with Seth Hallem

Mobile devices are constantly transacting with sensitive corporate data. Historically, most of that traffic is emails and email attachments. Increasingly, attorneys want to do more on their mobile devices, including annotating and editing documents. Much time and energy has been invested in DLP on the desktop, but what is the state of the art in mobile?

The main speaker will be Seth Hallem, CEO, Co-founder, & Chief Architect at Mobile Helix.

Join us for this 40-minute ILTA webinar on December .10, 2018 to learn more about DLP on mobile devices.  REGISTER HERE


1. DLP on Mobile needs to re-use as much of your server-side infrastructure as possible:

a. SMTP-based filters

b. DMS links (NRLs, NetDocs links)

c. IP address filters for cloud services (e.g., NetDocs,

O365 via ADFS)

d. Outbound filters for services like Box, Dropbox, etc.

2. Extend client-side DLP to mobile

a. Send links, not documents for internal AND external messaging

b. Restrict actions based on document source

c. Filter metadata

d. Keyword/pattern filtering to prevent egregious mistakes

3. Allow attorneys to get work done without DLP risks

a. In-app annotation

b. Azure IRM for integration with Word


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For additional information, contact Maureen Blando at Mobile Helix: maureen at +1 347-508-0967

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