Mobile Helix CEO to Speak at ndElevate 2017 – NetDocuments Executive Summit

ndElevate 2017

Seth Hallem 2017-05-04 Mobile Helix

Mobile Helix CEO and co-founder, Seth Hallem, is a subject matter expert on mobile security. Seth will speak at ndElevate on: 

The Challenge of Client-side Mobile Security for Law Firms 

Tuesday, 5/23/17, 4:00 PM


NetDocuments is the leading cloud-based document and email management (DMS) provider for law firms and corporate legal departments. NetDocuments is recognized for pioneering cloud service security, notably including SOC 2+ certification of the NetDocuments platform and enhanced end-to-end application-layer search index encryption and cryptography.

Our Mobile Helix LINK secure container app is integrated with NetDocuments DMS. LINK strengthens client-side security of the NetDocuments DMS. With LINK, it’s easy to search, view, compare, annotate, email, and edit documents in NetDocuments DMS.

LINK’s security architecture includes:

  • Containerization – documents cannot leave the LINK app; no data leakage
  • Remote wipe of all data and documents
  • Encryption at-rest: AES-256; in-transit: TLS over HTTPS
  • Built-in first factor (Active Directory) and second factor (Touch ID or PIN code) authentication
  • No VPN, VDI, or MDM is needed
  • Certificate based device authentication

ndElevate begins Monday, May 22, 2017 with an evening reception. Sessions will begin Tuesday morning with keynotes from NetDocuments executives and subject matter experts. Breakout and technical sessions will continue through Tuesday and Wednesday. There will also be plenty of networking opportunities during meals and breaks.

Please join Seth’s talk on Weds., 5/24, at 10 AM and ask him your questions on client-side mobile security. 

For more information, write to us at: [email protected]

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