My Favorite Reads of the Week

Each week I spotlight a handful of my favorite articles and posts in technology and entrepreneurship.

I. Zingers in Peter Thiel’s conversation at Venture Alpha.

If you are not reading Thiel’s Zero to One you are missing a provocative series of lectures.

Steve Jurvetson, @dfjsteve, captured some of the gems from Thiel’s talk. Example: “VCs overvalue things that they use. Uber is overrated because VCs like to drive around in town cars.”

However, there is no substitute for reading the book.

II. Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Ranked by Pay.

It’s not hard to guess that Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is ranked number one. Would you have imagined that her total compensation is nearly twice that of the next highest exec?

Charted in Fortune Magazine by Scott DeCarlo.

III. Malcolm Gladwell Says Steve Jobs Became Steve Jobs Because Of This Personality Trait.

I won’t spill the beans, but I strongly believe in the value of this trait.

Business Insider’s Drake Baer, @drake_baer.

IV. U.S. Broadband Speed Ranking: We’re (Down to) No. 14!

You knew that we were not competitive worldwide. Akamai survey shows that the U.S. continues to drop in ranking.

In ReadWrite by Adriana Lee, @adra_la, with graphics.

V. Mobile Web App Checklist.

More than a checklist, this informative post offers terrific tips on UX, UI, performance, homescreen, and offline.

By Zack Smith, @coderzach, and Eugene Butler, @ebutleriv, on the Luster blog.

–Maureen, I tweet at @MobileHelix

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