It’s the Small Things

No, I’m not referring to diamonds and pearls. I’m talking about the mobile user experience. In fact, last week we were meeting with a professional services IT team who was complimenting us on our email features. Their network engineering lead said, “I like the way that you have thought about email. It’s the small things which make a big difference.” So true. The mobile user experience is about small capabilities which make working from mobile devices easier.

Mobile is a new cat. Let’s face it, keying in data is slow and cumbersome compared to the desktop keyboard. Do you key with two hands on your smartphone? Not if one is clutching your briefcase or the subway strap.

The less we have to type on our smartphones, the better. If I am reading an email from Elizabeth and I want to see all of my emails from Elizabeth, I really don’t want to have to type “Elizabeth” in a search box. I want to tap to find all of my other emails from her. And if I want to find an email which Elizabeth had sent me which has an attachment, I want to narrow my search to Elizabeth’s emails with attachments by tapping as well. To advance through those emails, I want to use a swipe gesture.

One of the workflows which we are focused on is taking action on files. If my company’s files are stored behind the company firewall, e.g., in CIFS fileshares, SharePoint, and an ECM, then I want to be able to quickly access those files without typing. If I am waiting for a flight and need to send a file to a client, I want to be able to attach that file to my email in matter of a few taps. If I want to save a file to review it on that flight, I need to be able to do that with a couple of taps.

We enable all of these use cases, and more, in Link. But the work on user experience is never done and we would love your input.

Take our Link Test Drive. No software is deployed on your site. It’s an easy way to see how the little things in Link can enable you to get real work done from your smartphone or tablet. You can contact us here.

– Maureen

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