Email, Meet Mobility

Enterprise email is changing. It has to. If you have a corporate condoned email application on your mobile device, the chances are that it feels laborious compared to your device email app. That same corporate desktop email application which is very productive for us in the office is a heck of a thing to use on a mobile phone. The less I need to type on my touchpad keyboard to respond to a work email, the better. Reading an email on my smartphone can be worse than not reading it. I read my colleague’s email. Acting on it is too complex. I let it go for later. Now it’s submerged in a day’s worth of email.

I recall a tip from a time management class that I went to in the era when we still had paper in the office. “Only touch any piece of paper in your (then physical) inbox ONCE.” Disposition it when you first touch it. Don’t let it remain an open action to be dealt with again later.

While an email in my Inbox is virtual now, the objective is the same. Disposition it the first time.

What will allow you and me to manage email efficiently on our small screen mobile devices? Two things. The first, a user experience designed for mobile. Gesture-based, streamlined and intuitive. The second, integration with the files and data which we need to respond to that email. If I want to check a price sheet for data to answer a question I need to be able to view that data in a few taps. If I want to reply with a file to a sender, I need to be able to tap reply and tap to attach the file.

Our Link Email App is optimized for a mobile experience. Swipe through your inbox. Create an appointment. Tap to see the free/busy scheduler. Reply with a file attachment quickly, accessing any file which you can reach from your desktop.

For daily email actions, Link makes it easier to disposition that email while standing in line at Starbucks. That’s the reality of our work world today.

– Maureen

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