In the Cloud or on-premises – have it your way

Enterprises are adopting the Cloud at varying speeds. While there may be debate about Cloud computing today, it’s safe to say that most of us anticipate a day when using the Cloud will be commonplace. At the same time, while on-premises resources may be reduced, it’s hard to imagine local computing going away entirely.

Our message for you about the Cloud is simple. The Link architecture was deliberately designed to be flexible.

Link can be deployed:

• Entirely on-premises
• In the Mobile Helix Cloud
• In your private cloud
• As a hybrid of the first three

We offer Link hosted in our Cloud, which is especially attractive to small and medium-sized businesses. Still, we find that today most companies prefer an entirely on-premises deployment. That’s fine with us. We are happy to say that no matter what your preferred deployment model may be, we support it.

– Maureen

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