A False Sense of Security – Jailbreak Detection

CISOs understandably ask us about jailbreak detection. If you have read our post, “The Myths of Mobile Jailbreaking“, then you know that our approach is to encrypt the data on the mobile device in such a way that it is protected from automated jailbreak and rooting attacks. Our encryption code is implemented independently of the underlying device platform, ensuring that attacks on the OS don’t compromise the application data. Data remains encrypted even on a jailbroken device.

Jailbreak detection is unreliable. As the post points out, it is a moving target. In addition, sophisticated hackers can fool the detection program.

Don’t be lulled by checking off the “Jailbreak Detection” box. Detection won’t protect against jailbreak. Our secure container system provides the highest level of security offered in enterprise mobility. We would be happy to illustrate Link’s security features to you and your security team. Just email me: maureen at mobilelhelix dot com.

– Maureen

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