ILTA SharePoint Symposium 2013 – Law Firms Lead Innovation

Thank you to all of the SharePoint, IT and development professionals who met with us at the ILTA SharePoint Symposium in Chicago last week.  The conference was buzzing  – the keynote sessions were standing room only with overflow in the hallways.  The ILTA staff and Co-Chairs Kara Portwood and Lisa Gianakos did a great job with the program.

For our part, we expected strong interest in our secure mobile SharePoint List App, our Filebox mobile file sharing app and our secure Email App. We were busy demoing all three. However, there were some surprises, too.

Level of innovation – many of these IT, Knowledge Management and development professionals are leading in usage of technology and SharePoint. The image of the stodgy, conservative law firm did not hold up at this conference. One example is the use of extranets. Law firms are architecting advanced extranets to give clients and partners access to critical files. With our secure browser in our secure Link Container we can help firms who need to extend security to people outside of their firms.

HTML5 development – a surprising number of attendees were already developing HTML5 applications for their law firms. Our Link HTML5 SDK will be released next month.  It is open, standards-based and free. There were more than a few developers at SPS2013 who are eager to download our SDK as soon it is available. In one case, we were asked if our HTML5 mobile apps could be modified by using our SDK. The answer – yes. When you license one of our HTML5 apps we give you the source code. You can modify, brand, enhance to your heart’s content.

To be clear, our objective with our Link HTML5 SDK is to encourage Pure HTML5 development. The SDK is open source and there is no vendor lock-in. You can use it to develop HTML5 mobile apps without cost or obligation to us. Where our business model enters the picture is in secure HTML5 app (and native app) delivery to mobile devices. If you want to deliver your apps securely to mobile devices, then one option which you have is license our Secure Link System with our secure browser in our secure Link Container.

There is much more to come about our HTML5 SDK, including the intriguing point as to how you can secure your native apps as well as pure HTML5 apps using Link.

If you can’t wait for the July release of our SDK, write to us and let us know what you need at Contact Us.


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