Mobile Helix at ILTA SharePoint Symposium, June 11th and 12th, Lombard, IL

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We are looking forward to demoing our mobile SharePoint solutions and talking to SharePoint users at ILTA’s SharePoint Symposium in a couple of weeks.  Our presence there happened as organically as possible.  In working with law firms, “ILTA” kept coming up. ILTA is the International Legal Technology Association. IT teams would tell us that the ITLA conferences are very informative.  Moreover, we would get the message, “You should be at ILTA, so many law firms there are specifically looking for secure, mobile SharePoint.”  We talked to the nice ILTA folks in Austin and, voila.  You’ll find us at the  SharePoint Symposium on June 11th and 12th.

Keynote speakers at the SharePoint Symposium are Rob Saccone and Dux Raymond Sy.  They will speak on “SharePoint Makes a Big World Smaller – The Big Picture”.

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Rob is a consultant who specializes in SharePoint for law firms.  “Dux” is a bit of a one-name wonder in the SharePoint world.  A SharePoint MVP, Dux is a popular speaker on all things SharePoint. He led what may have been the most entertaining “session” at Microsoft’s SharePoint 2012 conference in Las Vegas last November.  It was the flash mob Gangnam Style dance on the exhibit hall floor, electric blue tuxedo jacket, sunglasses and all. I doubt that ILTA will reprise the flash mob, but it’s a sure bet that these two SharePoint thought-leaders have new perspectives for all of us.

If you have not heard about our Mobile Helix Link solutions for secure, mobile SharePoint you can get the full picture here. We have a unique offering with seamless integration of secure email, SharePoint and file shares.  For instance, an attorney may receive an email which has an embedded link to a WORD file stored in SharePoint, behind the law firm’s firewall.  She can open it and save it for offline access later.  Then she can edit it and save it back to SharePoint – all from a tablet or smartphone. The document and email are encrypted throughout.  We will be demoing our secure mobile SharePoint, file sharing, and email solutions at the SharePoint Symposium.

Stop by for a demo – we’ll be the ones with the tablets in our hands.

— Maureen

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