ILTA Webinar: A Single Encrypted App for DMS, Annotation, Comparison, & Email Workflows – LINK App Demo

Date and Time: Monday, October 15th at Noon ET

With our LINK app lawyers do real work on smartphones and tablets. We will demo opening attachments and viewing tracked changes, comparing documents, annotating documents, then emailing or checking-in to DMS. File email or attachments to DMS with a few taps. 

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This 30-minute webinar will show you how lawyers use iManage® and NetDocuments® DMS as well as

LINK’s in-app annotate, in-app comparison, and Outlook to carry out productive workflows in a single, encrypted app.

You’ll see:

-Full iManage and NetDocuments DMS access, check-in, check-out and search

-Open a DMS link in Email, view document with any tracked changes

-Use in-app annotation to mark up a document to share with a colleague or client

-Import an attachment into DMS

-File email to DMS

-Compare an attachment in Email to a document in DMS, annotate, and email

LINK 3.5 Annotation iPad 20180828

This 30-minute webinar will be 99% demo. Join us!

LINK is a secure container app which can be remotely wiped. Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. LINK includes built-in biometric (or PIN code) second factor for quick, secure authentication. Devices are authenticated with certificates to prevent Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks.

LINK is available today for iPads and iPhones. Android is in development, slated for late 2018 release.

Date & Time: Monday, October 15th at Noon ET

Register Here Blue

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