ILTA Webinar, April 9: Your New Super Power – Manage Your Work from Your Inbox on Your iPhone or iPad

This webinar took place on April 9th.

You can watch the recording here.

It is 22 minutes long, 19 of which are a demo. Take a look!

LINK iPhone 7 Email View for Home Page


With LINK’s unique integration of Outlook email and DMS, both iManage and NetDocuments, in a single app, your LINK Inbox becomes the focal point for getting work done.


After a brief introduction, this 30-minute webinar will focus on a demo of these Inbox workflows:


• File an attachment to DMS or Outlook folders
• View redlines in an attachment, then view the document with redlines accepted
• Compare an attachment to a document in DMS, view redlines
• Edit or annotate a document from an attachment to email
• Email a document which is in DMS
• Intelligent filing – LINK learns your filing habits and recommends a folder
• Rapid filing of multiple emails
• Send-and-file to DMS
• Search, sort, filter your Inbox
• User-configurable swipe menus to file, delete, flag, unread, forward, reply

Join us to see these workflows. If you are curious about a specific feature, but don’t see it here, please email us as below.

LINK is a secure container app which can be remotely wiped. Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. LINK includes built-in biometric (or PIN code) 2F for quick, secure authentication.

For additional information please write to:

Learn more about LINK on Monday, April 9th!


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