ILTA Webinar, 9/19 – Mobile Lawyer: Word Edit, DMS Check-in with LINK

Join us for this ILTA Product Briefing Webinar on key workflows for the Mobile Lawyer. 

Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, Noon, EDT
Our LINK app makes these workflows easy – from a tablet or smartphone:

1. Compare a Word attachment to a version in DMS
2. Check the attachment into DMS
3. Edit with MS Word for iOS
4. Check into DMS as a new version
5. Reply to client with new version

This is a quick 20 minute webinar with a demo of the above workflows. Join us!

Our LINK mobile app gives you full access to iManage, NetDocuments, Outlook, SharePoint, & the intranet from smartphones & tablets. View NRLs and NetDocuments links in email.

LINK is an encrypted container app with built-in two-factor authentication. LINK can be remotely wiped.

19 Minute Recoding Here

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